Did you know that having health coverage can influence whether people get medical care when they need it, where they can access it, and can actually determine how healthy they are overall? Having health coverage is of even greater importance now due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Many Hoosiers have lost their jobs and employer sponsored insurance. In fact, recent estimates show that more than 710,000 Hoosiers have lost their jobs and nearly 342,000 have lost their insurance.

Since 2011, K21 has partnered with Brightpoint to offer the Covering Kids & Families program, which helps clients to obtain and maintain quality health coverage. Most recently, K21 approved a grant of $20,000 to Brightpoint, which offers services locally at the Health Services Pavilion, located at 1515 Provident Drive in Warsaw. Brightpoint staff provides local outreach, education, and enrollment for state- and federally-sponsored health coverage programs. They help clients through the application and renewal processes either in person or by phone and provide ongoing case management.

For more information about how Brightpoint can help you obtain quality health coverage, please schedule an appointment by calling 574-372-3500.