President & CEO

Rich Haddad

Rich oversees all aspects of K21’s operations and reports directly to the Board of Directors. He is responsible for all financial reporting to the Board, and he works directly with independent accountants on auditing and tax issues. Rich also has a background in investment and financial planning, which helps in his responsibilities of overseeing investment relationships regarding prudent management of the foundation’s funds. Additionally, he works closely with the Investment and Finance Committee of the Board to make decisions on K21 investments and projects. Finally, he interacts with local community leaders and organizations to find the best opportunities to pursue and accomplish K21’s mission through grantmaking and community participation. Rich is a graduate of Grace College with a degree in business and accounting. He also holds a Master of Science in Non-Profit Management. After several years in Indianapolis he moved back to Kosciusko County in 1992.

Marketing & Community Manager

Jennifer Stewart

Jennifer is the primary contact for K21 marketing and communications, covering all areas from media to sponsorships to website management—just to name a few. She is also actively involved with community meetings, events and leaders to help promote ideas that will create and maintain a healthy community. Jennifer’s community focus is to ensure that K21’s participation, collaboration and influence within the community furthers the K21 mission of working toward improved health for our county. As a long-time resident of Kosciusko County, Jennifer graduated from Warsaw Community High School and went on to double major in business administration and psychology at Grace College.

Grant & Office Coordinator

Holly Swoverland

Holly has been with K21 since the very beginning, in 1999. Her initial role as Administrative Assistant has grown as the foundation’s needs have grown, and with her completion of a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work from Grace College. Holly is primarily responsible for the entire Grantmaking process. From the time an application is submitted Holly leads the requesting organization through the consideration, setup, and management of that grant relationship to its conclusion. Additionally, Holly serves as the point person for office operations, ensuring the K21’s processes and back office fully supports the foundation’s mission. Holly is originally from the Muncie area, but has been a resident of Kosciusko County since 1995.