K21 Health Foundation to Sponsor Lost Sparrows Trauma Conference

Winona Lake, Ind. – The K21 Health Foundation (K21) is pleased to award a grant of $20,000 to the Lost Sparrows Trauma Conference. The event will provide trauma-informed education to local foster and adoptive families, teachers and community members.

“We are consistently inspired by the work that Lost Sparrows is doing directly in our community and around the world to help children and families thrive,” says Rich Haddad, president and CEO of K21 Health Foundation. “It’s a privilege to support them to equip people with information and resources about the effects of trauma through this conference in our community.”

Advocating for the worth and potential of every child, Lost Sparrows works to empower and equip families, caregivers and communities to love, nurture, and protect vulnerable children. Lost Sparrows offers programs that educate and advocate for the orphan crisis, as well as resources for families and children in need. Through their education program, Lost Sparrows has trained more than 2,400 families on trauma care.

“Partnering with K21 enables us to continue providing life-changing education for those who care for individuals affected by trauma,” says Lost Sparrows President, Darren Gagnon. “We’re incredibly thankful for K21’s support and for their continuous efforts to better the health and wellness of our community.”

The Trauma Conference will be held on October 14-15, 2022, at Grace College in Winona Lake. The conference will feature breakout sessions, panel discussions and keynote sessions with knowledgeable speakers, including George Dennehy, Gaelin Elmore and Bryan Post.

For the Trauma Conference schedule, list of speakers and registration information, visit www.lsconference.org. For details about K21’s work in the community and current projects, visit www.k21healthfoundation.org.


K21 Health Foundation focuses on improving health and wellness for the residents of Kosciusko County. The organization seeks to ensure that health care services are provided and to advance prevention and healthy living. K21 accomplishes this by maintaining an endowment, which funds community projects and needs through investments and grants.