Rose Garden Recovery Community Begins Facility Renovations Thanks to K21 Grant

The project will foster healthy living and community for residents and families

Syracuse, Ind. — K21 Health Foundation (K21) is proud to announce their grant of $94,000 awarded to Rose Garden Recovery Community, Inc., aimed at constructing a new kitchen, and expanding their dining, social, and programming space. This grant represents a significant investment in creating an environment that fosters positive influences and ongoing recovery for the residents of the women’s addiction recovery house in Syracuse, Indiana.

The main goal of this project is to improve engagement among families, alumnae and residents of the recovery house. Rose Garden’s current kitchen lacks adequate storage and dining space. It cannot accommodate all residents, let alone staff, visiting families or graduates. The back patio is crumbling, and the entire space requires maintenance and updates. With an expanded kitchen and social dining areas, Rose Garden Recovery Community will facilitate shared meals, contributing to a supportive atmosphere for ongoing rehabilitation.

This enhanced accessibility will also encourage involvement from alumnae and faculty in the residents’ recovery journeys. The improved space will be utilized for house meals, family crafts, art classes and fundraising breakfasts. Through visits from small groups, the women in recovery will receive support, encouragement and healthy interactions, building a sense of belonging and camaraderie in their pursuit of lasting recovery.

“We are thrilled to support Rose Garden Recovery Community’s project to expand their kitchen and social dining space,” said Rich Haddad, CEO at K21 Health Foundation. “The ability to bring together families, alumnae and residents under one roof creates a powerful sense of community and support, which is vital for long-term recovery. We believe that by investing in this space, we are facilitating a meaningful environment for healing and growth.”

Rose Garden is Kosciusko’s only state-certified recovery home and graduate home. It is the only graduate home in the area where recovering mothers may live with their children for a time of transition. The organization’s mission is to provide residential services for substance use disorder recovery, focusing on healthy living and emotional support for women and their children. They promote holistic health, offering opportunities for exercise, nutrition, self-care and mental well-being. The expanded space will welcome more family engagement, allowing up to three generations to benefit from counseling, healthy activities and a supportive community.

“Rose Garden Recovery Community, Inc. is grateful to K21 Health Foundation for their generous support,” said Becky Rassi, the executive director at Rose Garden. “This grant represents a significant step towards enhancing the recovery experience and cultivating a thriving community where individuals can heal, grow and rebuild their lives.”

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The K21 Health Foundation focuses on improving health and wellness for residents of Kosciusko County. They accomplish this through investments and grants to community organizations and projects that advance healthy living.