Bringing Together Health Services for the Benefit of Our Community

The concept of a “one-stop shop” or “health services mall” was something that community leaders had discussed for a number of years. The idea was to bring together various non-profit agencies with similar clientele under one roof to better serve Kosciusko County residents and minimize the need for them to travel to several locations for crucial health programs and services.

In 2007 the K21 Health Foundation Board of Directors made a commitment to fully fund the construction of the $5 million Health Services Pavilion. With the input of the proposed tenants’ boards and executive directors, the building was designed to address the specific needs of each organization within individual offices. In addition, the pavilion’s design included several shared common areas such as a lobby, restrooms, and conference rooms available for all the organizations to use.

Since its grand opening in the spring of 2009, the Health Services Pavilion agencies have seen an increase in clients and an increased ability to refer clients to other programs for which they may be eligible, simply by contacting other organizations in the building. The building is governed by its own Board of Directors made up of representatives from each tenant agency and a few at-large community leaders, which allows every organization to have an influence and responsibility to ensure that the Health Services Pavilion remains successful in the community and the people it serves.