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$45 Million and Counting!

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$45 Million and Counting……K21 Health Foundation Celebrates its 20th Year

Starting this month, K21 Health Foundation is celebrating its 20th year in existence. K21 is a private foundation with a mission to impact the health of Kosciusko County residents. Over the 19 years of managing an endowment for the community, the foundation has approved over $45 million of funds to be distributed out in the community for health needs and opportunities. The power of a permanent endowment is that, if invested responsibly, it can generate grants in perpetuity.

K21 started with approximately $63 million in proceeds from the sale of Kosciusko Community Hospital to a for-profit organization in early 1999. Since the intent of the original donors that built the hospital was so that health care services were available in Kosciusko County, the members of the Board of Directors for the newly formed foundation believed the purpose of the foundation should continue that important work by focusing its mission on the health of county residents. “In my 11 years of leading K21 Health Foundation, I have come to realize that the two most important areas to impact people’s health are access and opportunity,” shared President and CEO Rich Haddad. “Health for a person has many elements to it, which is why you’ve seen K21 grant to many areas related to health. Our hope long-term is that health is a choice everyone makes for themselves and their family, and that there is ample opportunity, access, and understanding for each person to live out their most healthy life here in Kosciusko County.”  

In the 19 years that K21 Health Foundation has been operating for the community, there have been two economic recessions their investment portfolio has had to weather. In spite of that and the over $45 million that has been granted out in the community, the endowment has grown from the original $63 million to approximately $76 million at the end of 2017. “This investment portfolio is built for the long run, to get through the ups and downs of our economy and produce funds to help our community indefinitely into the future.” Haddad shared.

How does a foundation celebrate the impact it has made in Kosciusko County during their 20th year? K21 Health Foundation will be doing what it does best by finding opportunities to invest in the community in ways that provides better health for our residents. “Our staff and Board of Directors are looking into unique ways we can celebrate through giving generously and proactively into our community. We are excited to invest into organizations and projects at a deeper level this year as a way to celebrate our role in this community. It’s what we do!” Haddad concluded.

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