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K21 Accepts $1 Million Donation for Warsaw Health

By March 30, 2019 No Comments

K21 Health Foundation has accepted a commitment for a $1 million donation from Dr. Rick and April Sasso to promote health and recreation for the citizens of the Warsaw community. K21 graciously received the first installment in late 2017, with the total gift occurring over a period of several years.

Growing up in Warsaw, Dr. Sasso and his family now reside and work in the Indianapolis area. They own a summer home in Warsaw on Winona Lake and continue to enjoy and support the area. “We really appreciate how Warsaw has grown and continues to prosper.  With the visionary leadership Mayor Joe Thallemer has provided, it has become a very desirable home for many families and industries.  April and I want to show our appreciation and support by investing in the continued progress of the community that means a lot to us” Dr. Sasso shared.

Although K21 is a private foundation with a mission to all of Kosciusko County, they were thrilled to be able to facilitate the Sasso’s desires to give back to the community. Rich Haddad, K21 President and CEO stated, “K21 is focused on the health improvement of all the residents of our community.  By establishing a restricted fund through the Sasso’s generous gift, we can utilize their donation for specific Warsaw area projects and improvements. It is exciting to see what this donation will be able to enhance, for the health of the Warsaw community”. Mr. Haddad also clarified that the gift was not endowed, so the entire donation can be utilized as the right projects present themselves.

“We are looking forward to supporting future efforts to make Warsaw an attractive and desirable home for generations to enjoy and prosper” Dr. Sasso concluded.

K21 Health Foundation exists for the benefit of Kosciusko County citizens to ensure health care services are provided, and to advance prevention and healthy living.