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K21 Grant Provides WCS Elementary Schools Innovative PE Equipment

By March 30, 2019 No Comments

Through a generous grant provided by the K21 Health Foundation, Warsaw Community Schools’ elementary students will enjoy new and exciting opportunities to stay active and healthy. The grant, totaling $56,840, will assist elementary physical education teachers in giving every student an opportunity to succeed through innovative, non-threatening physical activities, regardless of a student’s ability level.

The grant will assist in encouraging and challenging students through inclusive activities that teach healthy lifestyle practices. This will be achieved through the purchase of materials which facilitate continuous, active involvement of students and increase the actual time students are active in physical education classes. This will include not only the purchase of new materials which combine education with physical activity, but through an expansion on a prior project funded by the K21 Health Foundation.

Through the aforementioned prior grant, WCS purchased four Drum Fit equipment sets to be shared amongst the eight elementary schools within the district. The program, while a success, was difficult to transport and utilize effectively between the eight schools. Now, through the award of the most recent K21 grant, each elementary school will be equipped with a Drum Fit set to allow instructors to maximize the resource in their physical education instruction times.

In addition to the four additional Drum Fit sets, the grant will purchase much needed innovative physical education equipment for all WCS elementary schools. This equipment includes Zoomer Scooterz, several different Nutri Play activity sets, anatomy activity sets and cross curricular parachutes.

“This grant to the Warsaw elementary schools is the result of passionate and committed P.E. teachers wanting to bring an experience to their students that will change their lives. Inclusive activity where everyone participates, as well as understanding and embracing healthy activity and lifestyles, will make a long-term impact on these students,” stated Rich Haddad, President and CEO of K21 Health Foundation.”

“K21 funding has served as a catalyst to expand and redefine physical education classes throughout Warsaw Community Schools,” stated Dr. David Hoffert, WCS superintendent. “We are extremely grateful for their support and encouragement which has assisted our physical education teachers in envisioning the future of programming and equipment needs.”