In 2018 Baker Youth Club approached K21 Health Foundation with an idea to get kids to move more by incorporating their love of technology with physical activity. A $50,000 grant was used to establish the K21 Exergame Room which houses interactive games and equipment that encourages and requires kids to be more active. For example, one piece of equipment purchased was a video gaming system that is hooked to a recumbent bike that kids must pedal in order to keep their controllers functioning.

A recent grant of $14,970 has now helped BYC to add to the offerings in the Exergame Room. Executive Director Tracy Furnivall explained that they have kids from kindergarten through junior high in the program and that after the opening of the Exergame Room, their staff began noticing that most of the original equipment was geared towards older kids. This grant helped them add a new activity, Stomp Up, which is a great addition to their game selection, especially for the younger kids.

The grant also helped purchase fitness trackers that will be used by the kids while they’re at BYC. K21 is thrilled that BYC is focusing on increasing the physical activity of the kids they serve and we want to help them achieve that goal. We are particularly excited with the incorporation of fitness trackers in their programming. We believe that once kids see their numbers, and learn what activity can impact them, they will work hard to see them rise. We hope that being active becomes part of their everyday lives and carries on into their future development.