K21 Funds Ongoing Advanced Training for First Responders

K21 partners to ensure community safety through mannequin training

Winona Lake, Ind. – K21 Health Foundation has collaborated with the North Webster Tippecanoe Township Fire Department by providing a grant for the purchase of training equipment for emergency procedures.

K21’s support will allow the fire department to acquire two new mannequins to provide advanced, high-quality training to personnel throughout the county. From water safety to fire safety to CPR, these mannequins will give responders life-like experiences in a controlled environment.

Until now, the closest mannequins to use for training were in Indianapolis and had limited availability. This funding will offer local responders, neighboring fire departments, and the wider community access to vital training equipment. With these mannequins, emergency personnel can prepare for any kind of scenario.

“Our police officers, firefighters, and EMS providers go above and beyond to protect and take care of residents and visitors—they truly pour into the community,” says Rich Haddad, president and CEO of K21 Health Foundation. “With all that first responders do to help our county thrive, we at K21 are committed to helping them succeed in every area of their jobs. When they succeed, our community is safer and healthier.”


K21 Health Foundation focuses on improving health and wellness for the residents of Kosciusko County. The organization seeks to ensure that healthcare services are provided and to advance prevention and healthy living. K21 accomplishes this by maintaining an endowment, which funds community projects and needs through investments and grants.