K21 Renews Funding for Lake Water Research and Testing

Research team will test for toxins in 45 local lakes and streams

Winona Lake, Ind. — K21 Health Foundation has announced renewed funding for the Lilly Center for Lakes & Streams’ research and testing throughout the region. In 2023, this will include an expanded number of locations and total 45 bodies of water. Based at Grace College, the Lilly Center team conducts regular research projects, recommends lake-focused best practices and helps surrounding communities adopt them.

Committed to improving the health and wellness of Kosciusko County, K21 Health Foundation is a longstanding financial partner with the Lilly Center. “I hope our community knows how fortunate we are that this organization is here, focused on our most valuable natural assets. We are proud to continue supporting the work of the Lilly Center, in leading all of us to help make the freshwater lakes and streams of Kosciusko County clean, healthy, safe and beautiful, for generations to come” says Rich Haddad, CEO of K21 Health Foundation.

The Lilly Center initially conducted studies on 45 lakes and streams in 2013. The team will use this data as a baseline for comparison. The 2023 testing will determine whether toxin-related health hazards are present. The team will be searching for five varieties of toxins, all produced by blue-green algae, which are known for causing illness in people and animals. Particular attention has been given to public beaches and lakes used for water sports, with annual toxin testing being done since the initial work in 2013.

“We’re thankful for a partner like K21 that supports community health through lake research. We have a common goal of making our county a safe and enjoyable place to live and play,” says Dr. Nate Bosch, Lilly Center director. “We couldn’t do what we do without K21.”


K21 Health Foundation focuses on improving health and wellness for the residents of Kosciusko County. The organization seeks to ensure that healthcare services are provided and to advance prevention and healthy living. K21 accomplishes this by maintaining an endowment, which funds community projects and needs through investments and grants.