Silver Lake Announces Plans to Build Indian Trail Park and Enhance Rambler Park

K21 partner to utilize funding to promote healthy living for Kosciusko County

Silver Lake, Ind.— K21 Health Foundation (K21) is excited to announce their partnership with the town of Silver Lake to build Indian Trail Park and enhance Rambler Park by adding a toddler area and an adult area. K21’s Community Grant of $200,000 will allow Silver Lake to provide these  better recreational spaces for the community’s residents.

The proposed Indian Trail Park will offer amenities for children of all ages, including a custom-made boat structure, a climber, a swing set, a basketball court, and a pavilion/picnic area, all within a fenced-in space. The park will also have ADA-compliant sidewalks to ensure that everyone can enjoy the play area, pavilion, and basketball court.

The park is intended to provide an environment for children to play and enjoy the outdoors, especially for those who live around the lake area and currently have to cross SR 14 and SR 15, two major highways, to access the existing Rambler Park. Having new and updated parks on both sides of the highway will allow families to avoid dangerous situations and feel more at ease.

Rendering of Indian Trail Park

The town also plans to enhance the existing Rambler Park by adding a fenced-in toddler area with play structures and climbing structures. The new toddler area will provide a space for younger children to play, while parents can rest and watch their children. Additionally, the town plans to add a small adult area to the park that will feature a pavilion and commercial cornhole boards, giving parents and older children a fun activity to enjoy together.

This project coincides with K21’s Rural Town’s $200,000 Commitment to finance these kinds of projects for towns in Kosciusko County that improve the lives of residents and encourage healthy living. The goal is to complete Rambler Park by early summer and Indian Trail Park by fall 2023.

“At K21, we are dedicated to supporting projects like the Indian Trail Park and Rambler Park that encourage residents of Kosciusko County to be outdoors and active,” said Rich Haddad, CEO of K21 Health Foundation. “We are happy to see Silver Lake using this grant to develop healthy living in their community in this unique and fun way, and we hope other communities in Kosciusko County will be inspired to do the same.”


K21 Health Foundation focuses on improving health and wellness for the residents of Kosciusko County. The organization seeks to ensure that healthcare services are provided and to advance prevention and healthy living. K21 accomplishes this by maintaining an endowment, which funds community projects and needs through investments and grants.