Want your kids to stay active this summer? We’ve got some ideas.

As the warmer months approach and school comes to a close, are you looking for ways for your kids to keep moving? K21 is proud to support local organizations in promoting children’s health in creative ways this summer, by providing the necessary tools and access to make physical activity fun for kids from all backgrounds. No matter your schedule, you’ve got lots of options:

Kosciusko County YMCA
We’re proud of the work that our community YMCA is doing, and we love partnering with them to help families in our area thrive. This summer, the Kosciusko County YMCA is offering a variety of activities and camps for children of all ages. Their summer camps are for pre-school through eighth grade. Kids can learn new skills, make friends, and stay physically active.

The YMCA also holds sports clinics and fitness camps. These shorter sessions focus on developing key skills within a sport and encourage children to keep moving, set and achieve goals, and work as a team.

AGAITAS Sports Camps
AGAITAS uses athletics to foster leadership, personal development, and real-life change in a faith-based environment. This summer, they are offering free summer sports programs for kids of all ages, including soccer, baseball, basketball, and others. AGAITAS is dedicated to providing safe, fun physical activities for any child.

Baker Youth Club
For over 10 years, K21 has supported Baker Youth Club through programs including the summer camp program, which provides a safe, enriching, affordable environment for children during the summer months, including free lunches and transport.

Baker Youth Club’s summer program provides daily priority to fitness and focuses on nutrition, health, education, and social skills, as well as activities like STEM projects, field trips, life-skill development, mentoring, and reading programs. We at K21 are proud to give Baker Youth Club the resources needed to continue reinforcing these values and opportunities outside of the school year.

Limitless Park and Splash Pad
If you’re looking for an outdoor activity for the whole family, take an afternoon trip to Winona Lake’s Limitless Park and Splash Pad, where the motto is “fun for everyone!” The park features an accessible splash pad, playground, beach, pavilions for picnics, and basketball, volleyball, and tennis courts—perfect for a family outing.

At K21, we understand the value of physical activity in the lives of kids, especially here in Kosciusko County. With all that our community has to offer, it’s easy to keep moving!