We’ve got ideas to keep you moving.

Kosciusko County has a wide variety of fun summer activities that can support the health and wellness of you and your family, from trails to beaches to community events. In addition to the Fat & Skinny Tire Fest in May, K21 Health Foundation is pleased to sponsor the following events this summer:

8th Annual Mudtastic Classic (6/18/2022)

The Syracuse Parks Department is hosting its 8th annual Mudtastic Classic! Get a group together or come on your own to brave the 2.25-mile trail with over 15 different obstacles, which you can complete or bypass. The courses will include uneven ground, water, mud, climbing, and crawling. This is not a race; the objective is to have fun and get dirty! You can learn more and register here.

Tour des Lakes (7/16/2022)

K21 is proud to sponsor the 10th annual Tour des Lakes bike ride, which takes riders on a leisurely trip around eight beautiful lakes in Kosciusko County, including Lake Wawasee, Webster Lake, Chapman Lake, Winona Lake, and Tippecanoe Lake. The ride will also include stops for healthy snacks and drinks, plus lunch at the end. A portion of the proceeds are used for the continued growth of the Syracuse-Wawasee Trail system. Check it out and register here.

Summer Activities Right Near Your Home

At K21, we understand the value of staying active, especially here in Kosciusko County, and we’re proud to partner with many community activities. Here are some ideas for a summer day on the move:

With all that our county has to offer, staying active this summer is easy! With daily exercise, you can experience a sharper mind and mood, better sleep, and stronger muscles and bones. Check out a full list of local recreational activities here.