Mission-Driven Funding
Our goal at K21 is to financially partner with organizations who are impacting health in our community. For grant applicants, it is critical that we have a clear understanding of how K21’s mission is reflected in your project, program, or service, and of the intended benefits to residents of Kosciusko County.

K21 Health Foundation exists for the benefit of Kosciusko County residents to ensure health care services are provided, and to advance prevention and healthy living. K21 accomplishes this by identifying health needs in our community and maintaining an endowment. Funding is provided through investments and grants.

What Does Health Look Like?
We believe health and wellness are nurtured in many forms. K21 understands the importance of empowering the community to take an integrated approach to pursuing lifelong wellness, and we are proud to support local organizations who do the same.

So, what are we looking for in a grant application? K21’s financial recipients must fall into at least one of six major categories:

  1. Direct health care services giving the care we all need by delivering services between health professionals and clients, whether at home, in an office, or in a clinic.
  2. Active youth development programs dedicated to providing youth with resources, activities, and/or support for their mental, physical, and social health.
  3. Nutrition and prevention programs minimizing the need for health services by helping each person take better care of themselves.
  4. Healthy-living programs investing in the development and implementation of community solutions and opportunities that contribute to healthy lifestyles and decisions.
  5. Environmental health initiatives working toward safe and healthy use and interaction with all our wonderful natural resources within Kosciusko County.
  6. Recovery and opportunity programs helping people who face barriers to living a healthy lifestyle due to economic difficulties, limitations, addictions, unsafe homes, homelessness, or other disparities, by creating a path to a healthy future for them.

No matter which of these areas your non-profit focuses on, we want to help you better the lives of Kosciusko County residents.

Apply for a Grant
You can view the full list of applicant requirements at our website. If you’re wondering if your specific project would qualify for a K21 grant, feel free to reach out—we’re always happy to start a conversation.

Our grants are available for:

  • Non-profits recognized by the IRS and in good standing with the State of Indiana impacting people in Kosciusko County
  • School systems serving students of Kosciusko County
  • Governmental agencies supporting residents of Kosciusko County

If your organization and your grant request meet our criteria, you’re ready to apply! Complete and submit your application through our online portal, including supporting documentation. We accept applications for grants four times each year, due by 11:59 p.m. on February 1, May 1, August 1, and November 1. For more details, visit our FAQ page.

Together, we can make dreams a reality and work toward a thriving, healthy community.