With summer ending and school starting back up, you may find yourself in a busier routine with less time for exercise. However, staying active doesn’t have to disrupt your schedule—it just takes a little bit of planning!

Kosciusko County has plenty of ways to keep your body moving all year round. Here are a few tips to try this fall:

  1. Change Up Your Commute
    Many of the public schools in our county are within walking or biking distance, so take advantage of the fleeting warm weather and leave the car at home. This is a great way to get the kids active at the start of the day—while saving that precious gas money.
  1. Go for Walks
    A 20-minute walk each day can help get your blood flowing and activate your muscles. Get a quick walk in during your lunch break, play some music and take a stroll after a long day at work, or go for a family walk after dinner. Need some ideas for where to go? Kosciusko County has many beautiful trails to take advantage of—the hardest part is deciding which one.
  1. Find an Active After-School Program for Your Kids
    Give your children an outlet for all the built-up energy they collect during the school day, whether school sports or a physically active hobby. Both the Kosciusko County YMCA and Baker Youth Club run after-school programs with a variety of educational and physical activities in a fun, safe environment.
  1. Try Virtual Exercise
    Whether you’re stuck inside on a rainy day or prefer to work out in the comfort of your own home, YMCA360 offers an exclusive collection of live and on-demand virtual exercise classes. Participate in a group exercise class or a yoga session wherever and whenever you’d like—any YMCA member can join.
  1. Plan an Active Weekend Trip
    Take some time during the weekend to get outdoors and moving! There are plenty of opportunities in our county—from parks to trails to lakes. Looking for something new? Use the weekend to learn a new skill. There are several pickleball courts throughout Kosciusko County, so grab a partner and head over for some competitive fun.

At K21, we understand the importance of activity all year round. Check out a full list of recreational opportunities in our county here.