In Kosciusko County, our first responders are essential to our community! Not only do our police officers, firefighters, and EMS providers go above and beyond to protect and care for residents and visitors alike, but they also pour into the community.

Throughout the county, here are just a few ways your first responders are getting involved:

  • Providing public safety education to preschoolers and senior citizens in schools and retirement homes
  • Working with the city and businesses to ensure state building codes are up to date and citizens are safe
  • Hosting community education events like Warsaw-Wayne Fire Territory’s annual Family Safety Day to get people involved and informed
  • Giving back through charities like Toys for Tots

With all that our first responders do to help our county thrive, we at K21 are dedicated to coming alongside them in any way we can to help THEM help us be safe and healthy. That’s why we recently partnered with the North Webster Tippecanoe Township Fire Department to fund equipment so all 1st responders can receive advanced training to prepare for an emergency.

This grant allowed the fire department to acquire two new training manikins—similar to ones used by nurses—to provide the best safety and medical response training possible. Until now, the closest manikins to use for training were in Indianapolis and had to be “checked out,” but now the community (and other fire departments in the county) have easy local access.

To our first responders: We know that you are the backbone of our community, and we’re incredibly grateful for all you do.

To our community: If you see someone working in this integral role, remember to show them appreciation!


For more details about K21’s work in the community and current projects, visit our news page.