One of our community’s greatest assets is the rich network of greenways, trails, and paths available to the public. There’s nothing like going for a brisk walk on a cool morning or hopping on your bike and hitting the trails. These paths bring neighborhoods together and motivate countless people to improve and maintain their physical, mental, and emotional health by getting out into nature and staying active.

That’s why we are proud to support the expansion of the greenways in Kosciusko County. Recently, K21 awarded a grant to the Syracuse-Wawasee Park Foundation for its project of developing and maintaining greenways. The foundation is a non-profit run by a committee that coordinates the planning, construction, and maintenance of trails on city and county property. In September 2022, the foundation announced plans for a new segment that will expand the Conklin Bay trail, extending to Wawasee Middle School. The name of the new section will be “Wawasee South.” It will provide safe and enjoyable routes for people to explore Lake Wawasee and the surrounding area. The success of this plan—alongside North Webster’s plan to develop their trail north to the Wawasee Middle School—will result in a safe pathway between these two wonderful communities in our county.

K21 has supported similar projects in the past, such as the opening of the cycling path along Market Street in Warsaw. We are pleased to see this progress in keeping our community active and giving more opportunities to residents.

Supporting outdoor spaces and activities is at the heart of what K21 does. We look forward to seeing how the Syracuse-Wawasee Park Foundation will enrich our region with its new project.

For more details about K21’s work in the community and current projects, visit our news page.