With Kosciusko County’s many lakes, our community is perfect for all kinds of water sports and activities. Residents and visitors alike have plenty of opportunities to be physically active during the warmer months, such as:

  • Checking out the self-service kayak rental kiosks at Center Lake and Pike Lake Beach
  • Trying out high-speed water sports like tubing or skiing
  • Renting kayaks, canoes, or paddleboards from the Winona Lake Parks Department
  • Taking the family for a beach day at Center Lake, Winona Lake, Tippecanoe Lake, Syracuse Lake, Pike Lake, Lake Wawasee, and beyond!

No matter what adventures you choose this summer, you can rest assured that your safety is always top-of-mind. In fact, with our renewed funding, the Lilly Center for Lakes and Streams will be conducting a check-up on the health of Kosciusko County’s lakes this summer.

Ten years after their initial studies in 2013, the Lilly Center continues their research into toxins in local lakes and streams. The team will sample a more comprehensive list of 45 of the lakes again to ensure that the bodies of water don’t present toxin-related health hazards. This year’s testing is in addition to the 14 lake locations they have been monitoring on an annual basis.

The Lilly Center will be testing for four varieties of toxins, with the most common being blue-green algae. Blue-green algae’s blooms and the toxin they produce, microcystin, are known for making people (and particularly pets) sick. Blooms typically occur in late summer, when the water and weather are warm and extra nutrients enter the lake.

Here at K21, we greatly admire the work that the Lilly Center for Lakes and Streams does to serve the residents of Kosciusko County. We’re pleased to financially partner with a group that consistently monitors and tests one of our most valuable natural assets, so that everyone can enjoy our beautiful lakes.

For more details about K21’s work in the community and current projects, visit our news page.