At K21, we believe in supporting our community’s health through all stages of life. That’s why we’re proud to partner with Stillwater Hospice, a non-profit organization that offers hospice care services, as well as palliative care, to individuals and families throughout Kosciusko County. Their team of dedicated professionals provides personalized care plans tailored to people’s specific needs and preferences. They work closely with patients and their families to ensure that they are receiving the best care and support during difficult times.

This partnership stems from the recent merging of Stillwater Hospice and Kosciusko Homecare and Hospice on March 1, 2023. Together, they offer a range of effective services such as community grief support, music therapy, massage therapy, and palliative care.

In addition, patients also have access to resources such as Stillwater’s Hospice Home located in Fort Wayne. Hospice Home is northeast Indiana’s only freestanding inpatient hospice unit. Since opening in 2001, Hospice Home has served over 10,000 patients ranging in age from infancy to 104.

“We have been providing palliative care and hospice services to residents of Kosciusko County for many years through our relationships with area hospitals, and we are glad to further expand our depth of offerings by welcoming the Kosciusko Home Care and Hospice team to the Stillwater Hospice family,” said Stillwater Hospice CEO Leslie Friedel.

In uniting as one organization, Stillwater Hospice will ensure that Kosciusko County will continue to have local community members serving as hospice caregivers and a strategic plan for providing services into the future.

Anyone interested in learning more about Stillwater Hospice’s services, volunteer roles, and career opportunities should visit or call (800) 288-4111.

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